The Velodrom – An iconic shape for an iconic venue!

With seating for 12,000, the Velodrom is one of Berlin’s largest event venues – and a magnet for cycle racing fans, drawn by the popular Berlin Six Day Cycle Race held here every year.

The Velodrom is also renowned for its iconic steel roof in the form of a spoked wheel. With a diameter of 142 metres, this is the largest steel roof in Europe. Originally designed as part of Berlin’s application for the 2000 Olympic Games, the Velodrom not only has impressive aesthetics, but is perfectly integrated into the urban infrastructure and transport system. On the sports front, the Velodrom offers far more than just cycling – hosting, for example, a range of events from table tennis championships to indoor motocross races, horse shows and ice figure skating shows. In addition, the Velodrom has perfect acoustics and production facilities for concerts, gala and corporate events.

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