Sport as an economic factor

The overall economic significance of sport in Berlin

Due to its numerous major sports events, its 146 national league teams and other top sport, Berlin is known throughout Germany and beyond as a sporting metropolis. The activities of around 2,000 clubs and approx. 590,000 members of the State Sports Association of Berlin and the large number of major sports events have direct and indirect economic effects. In 2012, these effects were investigated in an exploratory study.

Number of spectators at the six major national league teams 2011/2012 

Sporting economy report 2012: data, facts and figures.

  • 2,900 companies and self-employed persons.
  • The sporting economy in Berlin employs around  18,880 persons.
  • Overall turnover in 2011: more than € 1 billion.
  • From 2006–2010, the Berliner Senate awarded grants totalling € 445.8 million for sporting infrastructure and major events.
  • A large number of sports clubs receive financial support from Berlin companies.
  • Major sporting events of the top national league teams as well as traditional sporting events generate an annual income or € 170 million for Berlin.
  • Number of out-of-town visitors at the six Berlin national league clubs (2011/2012 season): 860,000.
  • Number of out-of-town visitors at traditional sports events (2012); 197,000.
  • Average duration of stay of out-of-town visitors at national league matches: approx. 2 days, for traditional sporting events up to three to f

  Number of participants at the nine traditional sports events 2011/2012