Berlin Recycling Volleys

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The Sport-Club Charlottenburg (SCC) can look back on a wealth of tradition. This is not only one of Berlin’s oldest sports clubs, it is also the largest, with over 6,700 members. The Berlin Recycling Volleys, the volleyball section’s professional team, are a flagship for the SCC sports club, both in Germany and within Europe. No other volleyball Bundesliga team in Germany attracts as many fans to home league games, sometimes playing in front of audiences of over 8,000 in the Max-Schmeling-Halle. The Berlin Recycling Volleys have enjoyed some remarkable successes, including winning the German volleyball Bundesliga nine times, with the last win in 2018. In 2016, Berlin’s top volleyball team also won the German volleyball Cup tournament for the fourth time. In 2015, as the hosts of the Champions League Final Four round, the BR Volleys concluded the tournament with a well-deserved third place. In 2019 the won the German Championship for the fourth time in a row. 

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  •  2019: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2018: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2017: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2016: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2016: CEV Cup Winner
  • 2016: German Cup Winner
  • 2015: CEV Champions League, Third Place
  • 2014: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2013: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2012: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2010: Challenge Cup, Thiord Place
  • 2004: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2003: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner
  • 2000: German Cup Winner
  • 1999: CEV Cup, Third Place
  • 1996: German Cup Winner
  • 1994: German Cup Winner
  • 1993: German Volleyball Bundesliga Winner