Berlin’s Olympic training camp – Olympiastützpunkt Berlin

Perfect Conditions

They called him the Incredible Hulk – and no wonder! When German discus thrower Robert Harting won Olympic Gold in London in 2012, he tore off his top Hulk-style and started on a spontaneous lap of honour over the hurdles on the track. The British press was thrilled, and ran such headlines as: “Now, that’s how to celebrate Olympic gold!” The secret of Harting’s success, though, does not lie in hidden superpowers, but the perfect training conditions at the Olympiastützpunkt Berlin (OSP), Berlin’s Olympic training camp. A total of around 500 Olympic team athletes are training at the OSP, which comprises the Sportforum, Olympiapark and other venues across the city, and provides facilities for 23 main sports from basketball to diving.

The OSP offers athletes a full programme from athletic training and exercise science to holistic sports medicine and physiotherapy as well as social and psychological support. Since German reunification, Berlin can boast forty-three Olympic medallists – not least thanks to the Olympiastützpunkt Berlin.

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Paralympics Rio 2016

  • Discus: Marianne Buggenhagen (Silver)
  • Paracanoe: Tom Kierey (Silver)
  • 100 m-sprint: Thomas Ulbricht (Bronze)

Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

  • Archery: Lisa Unruh (Silver)
  • Discus: Christoph Harting (Gold)
  • Handball: Fabian Wiede, Silvio Heinevetter, Paul Drux, Steffen Fäth (Bronze)
  • Hockey: Martin Häner, Martin Zwicker (Bronze)
  • Judo: Laura Vargas Koch (Bronze)
  • Canoe: Marcus Groß (Gold)
  • Rowing: Hans Gruhne, Karl Schulze (Gold); Andreas Kuffner,  Martin Sauer (Silver)
  • Table tennis: Petrissa Solja, Shan Xiaona (Silver)
  • High diving: Patrick Hausding (Bronze)

Paralympics London 2012

  • Shot Put: Marianne Buggenhagen (Silver)                              
  • Wheelchair Table Tennis: Jan Gürtler (Bronze)
  • Rowing: Katrin Splitt (Silver)
  • Swimming: Daniela Schulte (Gold & Silver); Verena Schott (Silver); Niels Grunenberg (Silver); Sebastian Iwanow (Bronze & Silver)
  • Sailing: Jens Kroker, Siegmund Mainka, Robert Prem (Silver)   
  • Sitting Volleyball: Peter Schlorf (Bronze)

Olympic Summer Games London 2012

  • Beach Volleyball: Julius Brink & Jonas Reckermann (Gold)
  • Hockey: Martin Häner and Martin Sauer (Gold)
  • Discus: Robert Harting (Gold)
  • Cycling: Robert Förstemann (Bronze)
  • Rowing: Britta Oppelt and Julia Richter (Silver); Andreas Kuffner (Gold)

Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010

  • Speed Skating: Katrin Mattscherodt (Gold); Jenny Wolf (Silver)

Paralympics Beijing 2008

  • Discus: Marianne Buggenhagen (Gold)
  • Shot Put: Marianne Buggenhagen (Bronze)
  • 400 metres: Matthias Schröder (Gold) 
  • Pentathlon: Thomas Ulbricht (Silver)    
  • Swimming: Daniela Schulte(Bronze); Thomas Grimm (Silver)
  • Sailing: Jens Kroker & Siegmund Mainka & Robert Prem (Gold)

Olympische Sommerspiele Peking 2008

  • Hockey: Florian Keller (Gold)    

  • K-4 1000 metres canoeing: Norman Bröckl (Bronze)

  • Modern Pentathlon: Lena Schöneborn (Gold)

  • Rowing: Britta Oppelt (Bronze)

  • Swimming: Britta Steffen (2 x Gold)

  • Diving: Patrick Hausding (Silver); Ditte Kotzian (Bronze)

  • Canoe Sprint: Norman Bröckl (Bronze)

Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006

  • Speed Skating: Lucille Opitz (Gold); Claudia Pechstein (Gold and Silver)