Event highlights

21. - 22. August 2021

BerlinManTriathlon takes place on 21. and 22. August 2021 around the Wannsee. Further information: www.berlinman.de

03. - 06. June 2021

"The Finals" will take place in 2021 from June 3 to 6 in the Sport Metropolis Berlin and the Rhine-Ruhr-Area. For the first time, "The Finals" will be held from Thursday to Sunday due to the variety of sports, after the competitions took place over two days at the premiere in 2019.
The sports program will offer an interesting mix of numerous sports such as archery, canoeing, athletics, modern pentathlon, equestrian, swimming, table tennis, triathlon, gymnastics and water diving. In addition, there are currently canoe polo, karate, climbing, stand-up paddling, taekwondo and trial. In the sports program, para-competitions are increasingly integrated in archery, table tennis, canoeing, swimming and triathlon, among others. Further information: DIE FINALS | Die offizielle Website